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About Password Key

Password key started as a statement against the well-publicised growth in youth obesity post Pandemic in UK. Children had sadly suffered health-wise and socially due to missing vital formative years of organised sports and health interaction. The numbers remain stark: with obesity being TWICE the rate in children in the most deprived areas. (www.rcpch.ac.uk/) We devised our Password Key C.I.C charity and contacted schools & councils nationwide to deliver our aim to improve these stats; being instantly well received!

In conjunction with developing Password Key we created The Safe In Sound App Platform promoting sports in a language kids respond to, setting a new, high standard and approach to youth sports outreach.

Our company reputation quickly grew and cemented itself as the best way to engage with the youth in need of change. Today we continue to build on that legacy and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our Online Sports platform

Check a video about The Safe In Sound App here:

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